(銀座 蔦屋書店 展示会期:2024年1⽉27⽇〜2⽉14⽇)



特別限定版(エディション作品+作品集『Reality -Dancing on the Edge-』)
価格|385,000円(税込・送料/箱代別・作品集『Reality -Dancing on the Edge-』付き価格、すべて額装)

エディション作品《Rose 3》
サイズ|45.4 x 39.2 cm
額装サイズ|47.4×41.2×4.5 cm



"NARITAKA SATO" Special Edition(an edition work+ collection of works book“Reality -Dancing on the Edge-”)
\ 385,000-(tax in, without shipping cost and the box for the artwork)

-Edition Work "Rose 3"
Edition 50 / 2024 / W27.5 × L19.2 cm (With frame size W47.4×L41.2×D4.5 cm)
Material:aluminum board, UV curing inkjet printing/ Made in Japan

scheduled to be shipped in biginning-April. 2024

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